This guide includes the following topics:


  • Purchase




To complete this order, the user will navigate to the Purchase tab. Here, they will select the department to see the order that has been recently Approved. From this screen, you are able to manually edit,  Delete or Un-Approve the order. *Once finalized, the purchaser will click Print PO which will print Individual Purchase Orders for each Vendor that is included in this order. 


*NOTE:  Inn-Flow does not automatically send the Purchase Orders to vendors. You must print and fax or e-mail to each vendor to complete the order.

Lastly, the purchaser will click the Purchase Amount button which will create a pop-up where the actual amount of the order should be entered. Then, you are able to see if there is a large variance between the calculated cost of the items in Inn-Flow and the Actual Vendor’s cost. Click ‘Save’ to finalize.