To print 1099 and 1096 Reports in Accounting:

1. In Reports / Vendor Reports.

2. In the Report Version, select Vendor 1099 Report.


3. Then select the Accounting Periods, typically you'll run January through December.

4. Update the Transaction Totals Exceeding amount.

5. Check whether you need to print a 1096 at the same time using the preprinted 1096 forms. If so, enter a Contact Name and Email to be printed on the 1096 form. The 1096 is a cover page that summarizes the 1099 data into one form.

6. If a 1096 is needed, please update the Contact Name and Email per hotel as well.

7. Select the properties to run the reports for then select Run Reports.

8. Once the report populates, on the top right, you'll be able to export the 1096 and/or 1099 form. These will be printed directly on your 1096 or 1099 forms. 

IF PRO TIP: You may want to print one 1096 and 1099 form first as printer adjustments may be needed.