1. We recommend using Google Chrome as your browser. 

2. To login, go to www.Inn-Flow.net

3. Your username will be your Firstname.Lastname typically, not your email address. Your username is sent to you when you're setup in Inn-Flow. 

Below is the login page:



Focusing on the left side of the page first, you’ll see how you can access the Home page, the Dashboard, and any modules that you currently subscribe to.


You can open and close the navigation at any time using the arrow on the top left of the page.




The Dashboard provides a snapshot of the hotels' performance.




We haven’t transitioned all of the modules over yet, so by selecting Procurement or Sales, a new window will open to take you to the module if you use either of those modules.


Also available on the left side is the Administration menu, the gear icon.



Within the Administration menu, you can visit Roles & Permissions, Users, and Entities. 




You can also access the Inn-Flow Knowledge Base by selecting the question mark icon on the bottom left.

Also available is additional options related to your profile. By selecting your username, you can Logout, change your password, view your profile, timesheet, schedule and PTO history.



The middle of the homepage is where communication related to future enhancements, webinars, alerts, and others important topics will appear.

You can Dismiss these messages, and access any previous messages using the Archive button at the top.




On the right side are any outstanding tasks that require attention. You can click on any of these items to take you directly to that page.



We also have Live Chat Support. 



The chat icon will be accessible from any of the pages.



You can start a chat with our Support Team by selecting the Ask Support.



You can also search through the Inn-Flow Knowledge Base by selecting the icon below:



Or you can access articles by selecting any of the buttons here.



You can drill into and read additional articles.



You can expand and retract them using this expander.



To exit from this screen, use the X button here.