This guide includes the following topics:


  • Budgets



After you have entered all of the products that your hotel uses, it is time to create a budget for each of the items. This is done by entering the number of items used in each Room Type, and the Par Level that you keep in Storage.


For example, the item that we will budget for below is a King Bedskirt from the Linen Category in the Guest Supplies Department




To budget for the King Bedskirt, you must first enter the amount of Bedskirts required for each Room Type. Click into the box for No. Per Room Type. As these are King-sized items, we would enter 1 for each King Room Type and click ‘Save’. 


Next, you would need to establish the Par Level for the item. The Par Level is the minimum level of supplies to meet the demands of daily hotel operation. Click into the Par Level in Storage box to enter the number of sets you would like to keep in storage. For this example, we have noted that we would like 2 sets of King Bedskirts as your minimum level. 



You have now completed the budget for King Bedskirts, and Inn-Flow states that you should have 112 King Bedskirts at all times in your Inventory. 


Keep in mind, some items that you will want to inventory may not be kept in rooms. For example, below is a budget that was set up for Wide-Angle Brooms. This hotel only keeps 6 in storage.