This guide includes the following topics: 

  • What is a task?
  • How to create a Task.

What is a Task?


A task is an activity the sales associate intends to perform related to a specific account.   Examples of tasks are: email, phone call, site tour, appointment, etc.  Tasks are always associated with an account.  You must first create an account and then create the task for the account.


The task always defaults to an “open” status.  Once it is completed it should be changed to “complete”.


A task can be linked to one Event and one Opportunity.  You can link a task from the related “Add Task” page.


How to Create a Task?


There are several ways to create a new task.  The most common way is from the Account Summary page.


  1. Select the Account the task is associated with. 
  2. From that Account Summary page select the “Add” button from the upper right corner of the page.  From here you can select “task” and the Add Task page will open.
  3. Complete all required fields, and “Save”.