This guide includes the following topics: 

  • Sales Permissions
  • Reassign Sales
  • Enterprise Wise Sales Settings
  • Hotel Wise Sales Settings
  • Rename Accounts
  • Merge Accounts
  • Bulk Changes

Sales Permissions


Every employee is created and assigned to a HID(s) in the User Management section.  After this is done you can then assign them Sales Permissions.  A user cannot own an Account, Opportunity, Task, or Lead unless they are added to this Sales Permissions page.  On the Sales Permission page you click on “+ User” and the Create Sales User pop-up appears.   In the Username field start typing the employee name and it will auto-populate.  The HID(s) they have access to are listed.  Check the HID(s) that you want them to have Sales Module access to.  Select the “Save” button to finalize.


The Sales Permission page defaults to show all Active sales users.  You can change the view to show All, Active or Inactive.


To change a sales person’s permissions select the usename and their detailed Create Sales User pop-up will appear.  You can make changes here and select the “Save” button to finalize.  


If you have an Inactive sales user that you want to re-activate you can change the “Show” field to include Inactive users.  Click on the user and their Create Sales User pop-up appears.  Change their status to “active” and select the “Save” button to finalize.  


An employee cannot be made inactive if they are the owner of either an Account, Opportunity, Task, or Lead.  Before inactivating a user, go to the Reassign Sales page to assign all of the users Accounts, Opportunities, Tasks, and Leads to another sales person.

Reassign Sales


This page gives you the ability to quickly and easily reassign the ownership of multiple Accounts, Opportunities, Tasks, and Leads. When the Sales ownership is moved from one Sales Person to another, it does not affect the items that are dedicated to another Sales Person working on the Account.


  • Cindy is the Director of Sales and the hotel. Lina is the Catering Sales Manager. Cindy is the account owner for XYZ company. Lina has a tentative opportunity for XYZ company with pending tasks.
  • Cindy accepts another position and Devansh is hired as the Director of Sales for the hotel. All of the Accounts Cindy owns should be Reassigned to Devansh. This will not affect the Opportunity and Tasks that are assigned to Lina for the Account. Only tentative Opportunities and pending Tasks that were assigned to Cindy would be moved to Devansh.
  • To reassign sales users, select the Sales Person you are taking the ownership away from in the “From” field. Select the Sales Person you are assigning the ownership to in the “To” field.
  • The Accounts that are owned by the “From” Sales Person will populate with a box beside them. Select the box beside Account Name to automatically check every Account. Or you can assign only certain accounts by checking them individually. This is useful if the Accounts need to be divided among multiple Sales People.
  • Remember to select the “Save” button the finalize changes.

Enterprise Wise Sales Settings


This page shows the rules per Enterprise section, this refers to the settings that are in place for every HID. By having this consistency, Inn-Flow is able to generate detailed comparison reporting for all your hotels combined.

Market Segmentations

All segmentations that were created in the Accounting module are displayed on this page.  In this section you need to select the Market Segmentations to include your sales module.   The ones you select will be accessible by all users from the related drop-down menus and used to classify an account when it is created. 


Only the segmentations that your sales people are able to target should be included.  For example, a sales person would not classify a sales account they are pursing as a “transient”.  So we would not include that segmentation as part of the drop down on the Account Summary page.



Automated Tasks for Booked Business


When an opportunity status is changed to Booked you can set up a standard set of automated tasks the sales associate should complete as a follow-up to the booking.


You can create any tasks that are pertinent to the business you just booked.  For example if you require full payment prior to the event you can create a task and it will automatically set a reminder for a certain number of days prior to the groups arrival.   If no follow up tasks are needed just select “Cancel”.   


When an opportunity is booked the user will be asked whether they want the auto tasks to be created.  The following is an example of what will appear when the opportunity is changed to Booked:



You customize the tasks in this section.  Select the “+ task” button adjacent to the Automated Tasks for Booked Business header.   

Then complete the following information:



  • Notes:  Describe the follow-up task.
  • Task Type:  This could be an email, phone, site tour, etc.
  • Due Date:  Enter a number of days, then select either “Days After Booking Date” or “Days before Arrival Date”.
  • Select the “Save” button.


Recurring Events

In this section you can select when the auto follow up for an Events will be created.  If 90 days is entered then a pending task will be auto created and due 90 days prior to the event date.



Task Type

In this section you can add a new task type by selecting “+ Task”.   You can edit an existing task type by selecting it.  Once created, a Task type cannot be deleted.



Contact Type


In this section you can add a new contact type by selecting “+ Contact”.  You can edit an existing contact type by selecting it.  Once created, a Contact type cannot be deleted.



Source Type


In this section you can add a new source type by selecting “+ Source”.   You can edit an existing source type by selecting it.  Once created, a Source type cannot be deleted.



Reason for Lost Business


In this section you can add a new reason for loosing business by selecting “+ Reason for Lost Business”.  You can edit an existing Reason for Lost Business by selecting it.   Once created, a Reason for Lost Business cannot be deleted.

Hotel-wise Sales Settings


Inn-Flow gives you the ability to set Potential Annual Room night tiers per hotel.  One property might consider 100+ annual rooms a top account while another hotel might consider 1000+ annual rooms a top account.


On this page first select the hotel from the top left hand drop down.  Then determine the range of annual room nights you want to track:   

1-50, 51-100 etc.


Then enter the Auto Maintenance Due Generation.  For example if you enter 30 days you will get a prompt every 30 days (counting from the date the account was created) that a maintenance task is due on the account.  Typically the more potential rooms nights the account has the more often you want to complete a maintenance task on the account.


Lastly select the tier.  Either Top or Marginal based on each hotel’s definition.

Rename Accounts


This page gives you the ability to rename accounts that are in different HIDs.  If you have five hotels that have named the same account slightly different names this gives you the ability to quickly and easily clean up the database.  Only the name of the account will change.


Select the accounts you wish to rename and select the “Rename Selected Accounts” button.  A pop up will appear a saying “Rename Selected Accounts Below as” enter name and select “Rename Select Accounts” again.


This page will not allow you to rename accounts that are from the same HID, because you are not permitted to have two accounts with the same account name in the same HID.

Merge Accounts


To merge accounts on Inn-Flow, select the Administration drop down menu and select Merge Accounts.  From here you will need to select your E/HID, which will load all accounts used at your hotel.  Select the accounts you wish to merge by clicking the checkbox to the left of the account name.  Once you have selected all the accounts, click the Merge Selected Accounts option in the upper right corner.


The next screen lists all of the accounts to be merged.  You have the ability to check the box of which account you want to act as a primary account, this will use that accounts name as the new merged account name.  Enter the general information for the merged account as you would an existing account.   


Once the information has been entered, click Merge Accounts.

Bulk Changes


The bulk changes section allows you to make large-scale changes to the database.  For example, a sales person was on leave and you want to delay all the maintenance due items so they are not bombarded when they return.  Instead of going into every account and change the due date you can change multiple tasks from this page.


You can change the following from multiple accounts: 


  • Maintenance Due Tasks
  • Account Status 
  • Potential Annual Room Nights


Select the HID or Sales person.  Then detail the change you want to make.  All the available items to change will populate in the table below.   Select the ones you want to effect this change on and select the “Change” button to save.