This guide includes the following topics:


  • What is a lead?
  • How to find a lead
  • How to create a lead
  • Rules in the Lead Section
  • Explanation of terms



What is a lead?


A lead is an account that has yet not been qualified.  Any sales person can input a Lead and assign it to another sales person or you can input them for yourself.  


The lead section should be used when you believe an account might have business but it has not been verified.


Once a Lead has been qualified you simply select the “Convert to Account” button and the Lead is changed to an active Account.

All the details that were entered into the Lead Details page will be automatically added to the Account Details page when converted.

How to find a lead

There are multiple ways to locate a lead in the Sales Module.  The most common ways are fro the Taskboard or the All Leads page.


Taskboard:  Any Leads that are assigned to you will show up on your Taskboard under the leads section.   Select one of the rows in this section to view the Lead Details page.


All Leads page:  You can select Leads from the main menu.  Then choose your HID.  The page defaults to show all leads that are marked priority first then they are shown in order of creation date.  Select one of the rows to view the Lead Details page.


How to create a Lead

Select Leads from the main menu.  Choose the HID you wish to add a lead to.  Then select the “Add Lead” button.  


Complete all required fields.  Assign the Lead to the person that needs to follow up on the lead.  To make the lead a priority for that person check the “priority” box.  This will place the lead in front of any non-priority leads on the lead search page.   Remember to select “Save” when you are finished.


Leads may be imported in bulk by selecting the “Import Leads” button.   You will be prompted to download a template.  Use the template to compile the lead details and then use the Import Leads button again to upload the completed Leads Template file.


Rules in the lead section

You are only able to add completed tasks in the Lead Details section.  If open tasks are needed for you to follow up you must convert the lead into an active accounts.


Explanation of terms



HID stands for Hotel Identification which is a pre assigned 4 letter abbreviation for each hotel.


An account that has not been qualified yet.

Lead Name

Name of company or venue that needs to be qualified for potential business.

Status (in Lead)

This designates the stage of the lead.  If it is Active it still needs to be qualified.  Inactive means the lead did not materialize.     Converted means the lead was turned into an account.

Lead Owner

This is the sales person that the lead is assigned to.

HID (in Lead Details)

This is the hotel the lead is assigned to.

Priority (in Lead Details)

By checking the priority box it displays the lead first on the lead search feature.

Potential Annual Rm Nights

Total room nights that sales person anticipates hotel can receive if they are getting their fair share in the market for the year.  This is NOT the total room nights in the market.