A Vendor (Vendor Name) is not appearing in Invoice Entry because the HID is not assigned to the Vendor. Please follow the below steps to assign the HID to the Vendor:

  1. Navigate to Accounting / Accounts Payable / Vendors
  2. 'Search or Add Vendor' page will appear
  3. Enter the Vendor Name and click on the 'Enter' button
  4. Vendor Details page will appear
  5. Click on '+EHID' button appearing under 'Contracts' section
  6. Vendor Contracts details page will appear
  7. Enter the following details and click on 'Save & Close' button:
    EHID drop down: Select your HID
    Customer No.: Enter your Customer Number, usually found on the invoice
    Vendor Address: Select the address from the drop down where your payments are sent. 

IF PRO TIP: In Accounting 2.0, you can now add a contract to a vendor from the transaction entry screen from the Vendor Name box. If a Vendor exists for other HID's, you can click on the plus button to Add New Contract.