See below for how to setup the Opera Cloud integration so that night audit files can be emailed directly into Daily Activity:

Select Reports / Manage Reports.

In the Report Name, type in Trial and click Search.

You'll see the Report shown below:

Click the triple dots on the right, then Schedule Report.

You’ll see the Report Parameters section.

It will have the Fixed Date loaded. 

In the Date Options, change it to Business Date.

Then below, click the – sign to show -1.

In the validate section on the right, it shows if the report is ran on a specific date, it’ll send the data for the prior day.

Then select Next.

Next is the Repeat Intervals section.

First enter the Date the emailed reports should Start.

Then enter the Time to be sent, typically 4am-6pm. 

Change the Recurrence Pattern to Repeat.

Interval should be 1.

Select Days.

Select Next.

This means the report will be sent daily at the time you enter.

Next is the Destination of the report.

You will need to set each report to be sent in PDF and XML.

Select New on the right.

A row for Mode and Additional Details will show.

Change the Mode to Email.

In the Additional Details is where you enter your specific hotel PMS Import email address:

 (to update)

This can be found in Inn-Flow, under Administration / Entities in the Import Email Address tab.

Then select Save.

Follow the same steps for the Manager Flash and the Day/MTD/YTD Statistics Report. 

Both need to be setup in PDF and XML.

The Reports Scheduled tab should appear like this.

Here are the parameters for the Manager Flash Report.

Here are the parameters for the Day/MTD/YTD Statistics Report.

Ensure NOT to include Unused Codes, Day Use Rooms or No-Show Rooms.

Group by Market Group.

Subgroup by Market Code.