Did you know there are multiple ways to contact Inn-Flow's Customer Support Team?


  • Email support@inn-flow.com, subject line: E/HID & request (i.e. SDGFR-ERTLK: Auto Import Errors), attach all helpful screenshots/documents and be specific in any error messages you may see to expedite your support ticket.

  • You will receive an automatic reply from the system, followed by another from a live agent who will be assigned to your ticket. Keep an eye on your email as this is how the agent will communicate with you. They may request a phone number or Zoom screen share, if too complicated to resolve via email.


  • Live Chat Support - you may click the live chat support bubble appearing at the bottom-right of your 2.0 Inn-Flow site. Depending on the complexity of your request, after chatting with an agent, your chat may be converted into a support ticket for email follow up. The agent will resolve your chat and respond via ticket/email, but this does not mean that your request has been resolved.


  • Email payroll@inn-flow.com, or your dedicated Inn-Flow Payroll Agent, subject line: E/HID & request (i.e. HIDEC-DFEDC: Payroll Tax Question), attach all helpful screenshots/documents. Please be as specific as possible with your request, so that the Payroll team has all of the information they may need.