When setting up a new user's profile, you're able to set their initial password from the steps below:

1. In Inn-Flow, in the Administration / Users page, select Add New User on the top right. 

2. Enter the new employee's First Name and Last Name

3. Enter either an Email Address and/or Mobile Phone if it's known. Only mobile numbers are accepted as employees can be texted reset passcodes and schedule alerts.

4. Select a Role Permission and Entity Access.

5. Ensure the Send Welcome Email option is checked. Then click Add User to create the initial profile.

6. A Welcome Email will be emailed to both the employee's email address as well as the user that is logged into Inn-Flow, the one creating the user, that shows as below:

7. You can click on the Get started now link to manually set the initial password for the new user. 

Inn-Flow Pro Tip: Make sure to write down their Username and Password so the employee has this on their first day.