Inn-Flow has added a feature that will allow managers to complete their schedules more quickly, called Bulk Shift Entry

From the Schedule page, after a forecast has been entered, click on the Bulk Entry button at the top of the page.

In the Bulk Shift Entry screen, begin your schedule for the week by clicking Add Row.  

Schedules can be added as Unassigned, where you will pick the Position and Hours, but not choose a User. These shifts will show in the Unassigned section of your Schedule Page. 

Also, you can add schedules and select a specific user name to assign those shifts to the appropriate employee. 

Additional rows for the same position can be added by using the Plus (+) button beside the Position Name. The Plus (+) button can also be used to add another row for a specific user, where you may want to update the position for the added row, as shown below for User Parker Chapman.

In the screenshot above, also note that overnight shifts will be shown with a moon icon, indicating that this shift crosses dates.

Once you have completed the bulk shift entry, select the button for Create Shifts and these entries will populate in the Schedule page. If additional scheduling is needed, you are able to complete another Bulk Entry.