Excel files needed for Import: Manager Report

                                                   Revenue Report (by Rate Plan)

                                                   Transaction Summary

To manually import the above files into Inn-Flow:


Log into Inn-Flow

Select Accounting 

Select Daily Activity Entry

If a hotel ID isn’t selected from the top left dropdown, select the hotel you’re importing the files for

from the options on the top-right of the page, select the Import option.



Select Upload/Import PMS to import the PMS files.


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Select Upload on the top-right of the page.



Select Choose Files.

Select all of the files above needed to import, then select Upload.



You’ll see on the left side if there’s an error with any of the files. There’s also an Import Log on the right that you can expand to ensure they all reflect "Success".



Then, select Import to import the data, then Close to return to the Daily Activity page.



If there were any new rate codes used, you’ll see the Auto Import Errors alert. 


NOTE: These aren’t actually errors. These appear when a new PMS charge code is used that hasn’t been “mapped” on the backend yet. You can reach out to Inn-Flow Chat Support to assist if unsure of how to proceed.


If no auto import errors appear, your daily activity page should load with all data imported and no variance.


We STRONGLY suggest that you upload PDF version of the reports, or additional night audit reports, within the Upload Docs section.


Complete the Night Audit Checklist then Approve & Next to move onto the following day.


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PRO TIP: Review the attachment to learn how to download files from AutoClerk Cloud.