Access to Advanced Accounting Features, like Bank Sync, Invoice Extraction, and Bank Reconciliation Automation, all of which can be a major time savings in Accounting, is set to run out on November 30th, 2023. Sign up before the features and the $$ subscription discount is no longer available!

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In working with customers, we've listed below a few best practices that make the world of difference in these features:

1. Having trouble matching credit card deposits? We've found that the majority of customers haven't setup Group Credit Card Deposits yet (not the old school "Group Reconcile" button). Setting this up one time per bank account will make this process so much easier!

    Click here to learn more on how to set this up! It's a game changer!! 

2. Have you setup Bank Sync but there's a lot of pending items in the Bank Sync page? When you setup the bank connection, it automatically imports the previous 30 days of transactions. If you've already reconciled September or October, and you have deposits from these months showing in bank sync, simply click the check boxes on the left & mark them as Exclude. Don't be scared!! You can always Unexclude these to bring them back! Change the For Review dropdown menu to Excluded to see what has been exclude and undo it. 

3. For Invoice Extraction, do you feel like you're spending more time than you were manually entering these? We want to know! Please send this feedback to with information like what invoices, what vendors, etc. It could be a few changes in the workflow that make all the difference! We've been successful in meeting with customers to improve workflows.