In Accounting 2.0, you can download a copy or void a check using the below steps:

1. From the Accounting homepage, select the Register option on the left.

2. You can use the Filter option to type in the check number in this field. 

If the check wasn't cut in the last 30 days, you may need to change the time frame in this field below to pull based on the date the check was cut.

3. Or if the check number appears in the current screen, click on the row to open the payment details.

4. When the payment screen options, on the top right you have options to Download a Copy, or Void the check.

5. When you click Download Copy, a pdf will be downloaded for reference.

6. To void the check, select the Void option.

7. Voiding will create a duplicate entry of the opposite amount. 

8. When this screen appears, pick an Accounting Period for the reversal, and a Void Date, which will affect the bank account. Also fill in a Void reason.

9. You also have the ability to re-create the invoices again, should these still need to be paid. To do so, select the check boxes on the left then Void on the bottom right.

10. Completing this process will recreate the invoices and place them in the Invoice Approval to be edited, if needed. Once the invoice(s) is approved, it will appear in the Check Writer.