The purpose of the Housekeeping tab is to have a centralized location where you can view, edit and approve the Housekeeping activity in detail. 


It pulls information from the Labor Overview page from Room Assignments or Housekeeping Approvals. It also pulls information from the Daily Activity / Statistics section for the previous day.


Housekeeping Assignments

When you open the Housekeeping tab, it immediately takes you to the Housekeeping Assignments homepage. In the upper-left corner, you will see the current date and by default, the Past week’s activity. 


You can change the date, or another time frame by updating the drop-down menu.


You can also view this depending on the Status.



The Rooms Occupied pulls from the Accounting module / Daily Activity for the previous day. For example, on Wednesday, April 28th, you’re cleaning the Rooms Occupied from Tuesday, April 27th. 

Click on a date for more information to show.



This shows all employees that were scheduled as a Housekeeper for that day.



Below the Date and Rooms Occupied, you will see a list of Housekeeping Employees that were scheduled for that specific date. Click on each employee’s name and enter the amount of rooms of each type that were completed by that employee. To the right of the employee, the details of that date will show. The Total Time column shows the Budgeted Time.


Select Continue to move to the next page.



Next shows the Total Occupied (from Daily Activity in Accounting), then subtracts the Total Denied and Cleaned for a difference in Rooms Cleaned vs. Occupied. If there’s a difference, an explanation is required.



Once an explanation is entered, select Submit to go to the next step.



For any housekeeper that had a higher Actual Time vs Budget, an explanation will also be required.



Once entered, select Submit.




Continue with any remaining Explanations.



Once all explanations are complete, the day will show as Approved.