This guide includes the following topics:


  • Overview
  • Add Charge Code
  • Edit Charge Code
  • Rules


The PMS Mapping page links each PMS and/or POS charge code to a Chart of Account. All PMS & POS charge codes should be entered here.  

Add Charge Code 

Select the + Daily Activity Item button to add a new charge code.  



Complete the required fields in the pop-up window: 


  1. Select what Daily Activity Group the charge code belongs in. All revenue- related codes (Room Revenue, F&B Revenue, Adjustments… etc.) should be added to the Revenue section. All taxes should be added to the Non-Revenue section. All payment related codes (Cash, Credit Cards, Points Redemptions…etc.) should be added to the Payment section.
  2. Enter the Item No. and Item Name of the code as they appear on the PMS reports. 
  3. Enter the Report Name and Description of the code.  Note: These fields are not mandatory. 
  4. Select whether an Explanation is required when this charge code is used. 
  5. Finally, select the COA No. or COA Name this charge code should be mapped to. If you’re unsure, you can reach out to a supervisor, or look at a similar existing charge code’s mapping. 


Edit Charge Code

To edit a Charge Code, select the code you wish to edit.


If a Charge Code has not been used previously, you are able to change any of the fields in the pop-up.


If a Charge Code has been previously used, you can edit the Item No., Item Name, Report Name, Description, Explanation Required, and the Status. You are not able to edit the COA of a Charge Code that has been previously used. In this case, you would need to mark the original Daily Activity Item as Inactive and create a new one with the correct COA. 



Find a Charge Code easily by using your browser’s Find feature.  Select the Control key and F key on your keyboard to open your browser’s Find window.  Then, enter a keyword in the window.



All texts matching your keyword search will appear highlighted on the page.