This guide includes the following topics:


  • Overview
  • Add a Credit Card Dispute
  • Complete a Credit Card Dispute
  • Assign Staff to Phases
  • Search for a Credit Card Dispute
  • Best Practices


The Credit Card Disputes page is a tool that can be used to track any disputes that your hotel receives from a credit card processor. Users are able to enter the details of a Credit Card Dispute, research the request, update accordingly, and produce documentation that can be sent to the credit card processor as a response to the Dispute or Chargeback. 


Add a Credit Card Dispute


To add a Credit Card Dispute, click + CC Dispute on the right of the screen. You will then be prompted to select the type of Credit Card Dispute. 




Select the appropriate option, and then click Ok.



Complete a Credit Card Dispute


A Credit Card Dispute should be completed in the 7 Phases outlined below.


  1. Start: Enter the details of the dispute. Ex: Case No., Date of Charge, Amount, Due Date. Attach any backup, such as the original dispute notification. 
  2. Research: Enter the Guest or Company Name, and the Desk Associate that checked them in and out. Provide a response to the credit card processor and attach and backup documentation such as a signed receipt. 
  3. Approve: A manager should review the documents and approve the response. 
  4. Resolution: Enter the resolution you would like to provide to the credit card processor. Then, mark whether you agree or disagree with the dispute request. This phase is also where you can print your resolution documents in order to send to the Credit Card Processor. 
  5. Charge/Refund: Complete the charge or refund (if required) in your PMS system, and mark whether the customer has been made aware. Here, you can enter the response that you received from the Credit Card Processor.
  6. Verify: Note whether the dispute was won or lost and mark that verification has been completed. 
  7. Close: Mark the dispute as Closed.

Assign Staff to Phases


Each Phase above is assigned to a Role Permission. These assignments can be updated by clicking the Assign Staff to Phases button shown below. 

Search for a Credit Card Dispute


Open and Closed Credit Card Disputes are listed in their respective sections in the Credit Card Disputes Page. Use the search feature to find a particular dispute. Multiple criteria can be used to find a dispute, such as Case Number, Guest Name, Date of Charge, or even Due Date. 



Best Practices


In the Reports section, Inn-Flow has two versions of a report regarding Credit Card Disputes. Run these reports often to keep track of your credit card disputes so that you can ensure they are being responded to in a timely manner.