Please follow the below steps to update the Accounting Period:

  1. Navigate to Accounting / Settings / Accounting Periods
  2. Select the Year from the drop down
  3. Select the checkbox for the Accounting period and HID that you would like to update 
  4. Then, from the "Change Status To" dropdown, select the Status to be updated.
  5. Click on the Change button.

IF PRO TIP: If there are invoices sitting in Invoice Approval, you will not be able to Close or make an Accounting Period to AP Closed. Please navigate to the Invoice Approval page and update the Accounting Period of those invoices to another Active period in order to Close the period. 

IF PTO TIP: If a bank account has not been reconciled for a period, and you try to Close the period, you will get a warning message stating this. You can still Close the period by selecting the Save button.