Trip Advisor Inn-Flow makes it easy to review and track your hotel’s Trip Advisor rankings and reviews, directly from your Inn-Flow Dashboard. Use the steps below to add your Trip Advisor information to Inn-Flow.


Navigate to and login using your credentials. Choose ‘My Business’ from the profile menu and then select the hotel that you are trying to access. 


From the Management Center, click on the link shown in the red box below. When the page loads click in the address bar of the website and copy the entire URL.  

Login to Inn-Flow and navigate to Administration / Accounts Management and choose the hotel that you are adding the Trip Advisor link to. In the hotel’s Accounts Management page, paste the URL link that you have copied into the box shown below for Trip Advisor Link. 


Return to the Trip Advisor website and back to the ‘My Business Management Center’ page. From this page, choose Marketing Tools from the toolbar and select Website Widgets.

From the Website Widgets page, select the plus sign on the Review Snippets widget, and copy the code that is shown. 


Then, in Inn-Flow, paste the code into the Trip-Advisor Widget box in the Accounts Management page. 


Save & Close. Your TripAdvisor link and widget are now added to Inn-Flow! Check out the features below related to Trip Advisor.


On the Inn-Flow Dashboard, select Show Snapshot Report.

In the Daily Activity page, under Statistics, your Trip Advisor score can be entered, and it will show here in the Snapshot Report. Clicking on the rank number will pull up your Trip Advisor page for easy viewing!

On your Inn-Flow Dashboard, under Recently Used Reports, select the Trip Advisor Report. This report will show the Trip Advisor snippet for each property that you have set up.