This guide includes the following topics:


  • Overview
  • How to Search
  • Search Results
  • Rules




Inn-Flow’s Search page is a central location used to locate any transactions within the accounting module. This includes transactions performed in the Accounts Payable feature, Daily Activity, as well as Cash Management. 


How to Search


There are multiple criteria that can be used to search. Select the criteria that you 

wish to search using the drop-down menu. Then, type your search terms and select Search. There are 3 additional lines that can be used to refine your search further if necessary. Once a query has been completed, the search results will show below, and further actions can be performed.



The screenshot below shows the criteria that you can use to search in Inn-Flow:

  • Accounting Period: search for transactions within an accounting period or a range
  • Bank Account: search for transactions associated with a bank account
  • Check No.: search for a check that was printed by its assigned check number
  • Cleared Act. Per.: search for transactions that cleared in an Accounting Period
  • COA Name: search for transactions coded to a specific Chart of Account by name
  • COA No.: search for transactions coded to a specific Chart of Account by number
  • Customer No.: search for transactions associated with a specific customer number
  • Date: search for a transaction that occurred on a specific date or date range
  • Deposit amount: search for a specific amount of a deposit, or a range
  • E/HID: search for transactions within a certain entity
  • Internal Notes & Descriptions: search for key words within the internal notes or description fields of a transaction
  • Invoice No.: search for an invoice using the invoice number
  • Ledger Type: search for transactions in a ledger such as Payroll, Operating, Miscellaneous, or Credit Card
  • Payment amount: search for a specific amount of a payment, or a range
  • Payment/Deposit amount: search for a specific amount of a payment or deposit, or a range
  • Trans. Total amount: search for a specific amount of a transaction, or a range
  • Transaction Type: search for transactions of a specific type, such as Check/ACH, Deposit, Journal Entry, Transfer, Withdrawal, Adjustments, Payroll, or Credit Card.
  • Vendor: search for transactions for a specific vendor



There are additional ways to refine your search results:



  • Exclude Unpaid Invoices & Unapproved Transactions - Selecting this checkbox will remove any transactions that have not yet been through the approval process.
  • Exclude Daily Activity Entries - Selecting this checkbox will remove any transactions created through Daily Activity Entry.
  • Hide split amounts of transactions - Selecting this checkbox will show the transaction in one row rather than a row for each Split COA. 



Search Results


Once the search results populate, they will be displayed at the bottom of the screen. The results list can then be exported to Excel by clicking Export



The following columns will show in the search results:


  • Date: This is the date of the transaction.
  • Act. Period: This is the month that the transaction will show in.
  • Vendor: The vendor column will show the name of the vendor the transaction was created under. Clicking on the Vendor name will show details of the transaction, as well as an option to Update the transaction. 
  • Sub Vendor: If a sub vendor was used, the vendor name will be displayed.
  • Invoice No.: If the transaction is an invoice, the invoice number will show here. 
  • Invoice Date: If the transaction is an invoice, the date of the invoice will show here. 
  • Invoice: The link in this column will bring up the image that was uploaded while creating the transaction. 
  • Description: If a description is typed in the +Split COA section of a transaction, it will be displayed here.
  • Internal Notes: Any notes that were entered into the Internal notes field when entering the transaction will show here. 
  • E/HID: This shows the EID that the transaction is associated with.
  • COA: The chart of account that the transaction was coded to.
  • Check No.: The check number that was paid displays here. If the transaction is an ACH, the word ACH will be reflected. If the transaction is a Transfer, the word TRF will be reflected. 
  • Payment: This is the payment amount.
  • Deposit: This is the deposit amount.
  • Trans. Total: This is the total amount of the transaction.
  • CL: This column shows a date if the transaction has been cleared or reconciled. If it has not been reconciled, this column will be blank. If the transaction is a Journal Entry, then this column will show JRN, as journal entries are not reconciled transactions.
  • Ledger: This column shows the ledger in which the transaction was reconciled.



  • If a transaction shows a date in the CL column in the search feature, then the transaction has been reconciled and no changes can be made. To make changes, please unreconcile this item and then make the necessary changes. 
  • To update any information in a transaction that has not been reconciled, Click the Vendor Name, then click Update. Note: Role permissions control whether a user can edit a transaction.


  • When using the Search feature, transactions coded to confidential chart of accounts will not appear if the user does not have permission to view them.