This page describes the following features:


  • Printer Settings
  • Print Sample Check
  • Edit Invoice Entry 
  • View Invoices 
  • Partial Payments
  • Printing Checks
  • Digital Signatures
  • Deleting Invoices
  • Reprint Checks
  • Print Sample Checks
  • Rules
  • Troubleshooting

Printer Settings 


If these features show in your Printer Setting Options, please ensure they are set up as follows:


  • Page size should be set as "Actual Size," and not “Fit to Page”


  • Orientation must always be set to "Auto portrait/landscape".  


  • “Choose paper source by PDF page size” must always remain unchecked.


  • “Print on both sides of paper” must always remain unchecked. 


Print Sample Check


The button “Print Sample Check” allows you to print a check to verify it prints correctly. If your printer is being utilized by multiple people or being used to print documents other than checks, the settings may have been adjusted. You can print a sample check prior to printing a check batch to verify the spacing and general layout of the check is correct. 


Edit Invoice Entry

When you select the Invoice No. in check writer, it will load the detailed Invoice Entry page. You may make changes to this invoice and select Save & Close to return to the Check Writer.


View Invoice

To view a copy of the invoice related to the check, you select the invoice link under the Invoice column.

Partial Payments


To make a partial payment on an invoice, select the "PP" link on the far right of the page. Selecting this link will open the Partial Payments pop-up.  From here you can enter the amount of the first partial payment.  Inn-Flow will then automatically create two transactions. Both will have the invoice number post fixed with "-P1', "-P2". The split amounts of the PP1 will be reduced to match the PP1 payment total. The balance due will be added to the PP2.


Printing Checks


To print checks, first select the E/HID that you wish to print the checks for. All approved invoices will appear in the check queue. By default, invoices appear in order of due date. You can change the sorting by selecting Vendor, Invoice No., etc. across the header.


1. Select Account: Select the bank account you want to write the checks from.  The Account Balance shown on this page will change to match the bank account you select. By default, your primary operating account will be selected.


2. Select the check box for invoices you wish to print. If you want to print all the invoices in the queue, then select the check box next to the Print Checks drop down in the top left corner of the screen. Then select the Enter button.



3. The Print Confirmation page will load, where you have the option to change the check date to a future date, or add a memo to be printed on the check. After this information is entered, click the Print Check button.



4. Print the check file. A pdf file will automatically open with all checks for this batch.  


5. Confirm all checks printed properly. You will be prompted to select a status for the check run.  If all checks printed correctly, then select the “All Printed Successfully” drop down, and Enter.  


6. If none of them printed, select this in the drop down, and it will let you reprint the entire batch, by re-stating the process from the Check Writer page. The check boxes for all invoices that didn’t print will be pre-selected.


7. If some of the checks printed correctly but not all of them, then select “Some of them Printed”. You will be prompted to select the checks that were successfully printed. The other checks will remain in check writer so they can be reprinted.


8. Add manual signatures to all checks that do not include a digitally printed signature.

Digital Signatures


Checks printed from the Check Writer in Inn-Flow can be printed using a digital signature. You can even set a dollar limit and all checks exceeding that limit will require a manual signature. To use this feature follow the instructions below. 


1. Go to:  Accounting > Accounts Management.


2. Select a business account (E/HID).


3. Select an active operating or payroll account.


4. On the bank account details page, you will see fields for: Digital Signature Limit and Upload Digital Signature. If you don’t see these fields you will need to contact Inn-Flow customer support and request that the Digital Signature feature be activated.         


5. Digital Signature Limit:  Enter a dollar amount here. All checks will a dollar amount totaling less than the amount entered here will print with a digital signature. All checks will a total amount greater than the Limit will not print with a digital signature.


6. Select the Signature Form button from the top of the page. This will download the form by the same name. Follow the form directions to prepare a signature file that can be uploaded into Inn-Flow.


7. Upload Digital Signature: once step 6 above is complete, select the Choose File button to upload the completed Signature Form.


8. You’re all set!  Checks from this bank account will now print with a digital signature.



Deleting Invoices

Invoices can be deleted by selecting “Delete Invoices” from the drop-down menu located at the top left of the page.



This function deletes the invoice entry and invoice image completely from Inn-Flow.



Unapprove Invoices

Invoices can be unapproved and sent back to the Approval page by selecting “Unapprove Invoices” from the drop-down menu located at the top left of this page.


Reprint Checks


To reprint a check… 


1. Select the Reprint Checks button on the top right menu. You will be prompted to search for the check you want to reprint.  


2. Search for the check. You may search by date, check number or vendor.   Once you located the check select it to reprint. Only uncleared (unreconciled) checks will appear in the search results and will be available to reprint.


3. All reprinted checks will require a manual signature. The printed signature feature is disabled for all reprinted checks.


Print Sample Check


While Inn-Flow gives you the capability to print checks from any computer and printer, it’s highly recommended that you dedicate which printers and computers will be used to print checks. Printer and computer print settings, if not configured properly, can distort the image of the checks being printed. Use the Print Sample Check button, located on all bank account detail pages and the check writer page, to test a printer and computer and confirm settings are accurate. Print a sample check from each of the business accounts. The page size should be set to “auto” or “letter”.  The scaling should be set to “none” or “100%”.  Confirm that all check details printed and are located in the proper position. Most importantly, confirm that the routing and bank numbers appear on the bottom of the check. Inn-Flow also recommends that you print a sample check before each check run. Checks printed out of scale may be declined by banks and vendors.



To view data in check writer, you first select an E/HID from the top left-hand drop-down menu. Only the E/HIDs that have invoices outstanding for payment will show. If you don't see a property in the dropdown menu, then they currently have no invoices pending payment.

If a vendor has multiple invoices that are checked for payment a single check will be printed for the vendor.

If you would like to print separate checks per contract, this option can be selected in the Vendor setup page for each vendor. 



Unable to change the bank account. If you are unable to select and change the bank account from the “Select Account” field, most likely there is an invoice below that didn’t successfully print, or was not marked as Successfully Printed. This invoice will be automatically checked when this page loads.  You will need to mark this check as successfully printed before being able to write checks from another bank account.