The following are described on this page:


  • Approval Process
  • Partial Payments
  • +E/HID
  • Rules 
  • Terms 


Approval Process


Review the information displayed for each invoice. To edit an invoice or review all details from the Invoice Entry page, select the Invoice No.

To review the uploaded invoice image from the vendor, select the invoice link in the Invoice column.


Select the check box for each row related to the invoice you want to approve. Select the Approve button. Once the invoice is approved it will appear in the Check Writer.


Partial Payments


To make a partial payment on an invoice, select the "PP" link to the far right of the page. Selecting this link will open the Partial Payments pop-up. From here you can enter the amount of the first partial payment. Inn-Flow will then automatically create two transactions. Both will have the invoice number post fixed with "-P1', "-P2". The split amounts of the PP1 will be reduced to match the PP1 payment total. The balance due will be added to the PP2.






This button will allow you to approve invoices for multiple E/HID’s at once. Select this button, then select the EHID’s you want to appear on this page. The E/HID’s that appear on this screen are restricted to match a user’s EHID access permissions.




  • Invoice No.:   Select Invoice No. to view or edit the invoice from the Invoice Entry page for the selected invoice.
  • Invoice:  Select Invoice to view the attached invoice.  If an invoice was not uploaded then the “Invoice” link will not be available.
  • The E/HID menu will only list E/HID’s that have invoices that are pending approval. If there are not invoices pending approval for a particular E/HID, then it will not appear in the E/HID drop-down menu.
  • You can approve one invoice or multiple invoices at once.
  • Sorting:  The invoices shown on this page will be sorted by Due date. 
  • Show Split:  Select the button for Show Split to view invoices with detailed information such as COA number, name, and split amount. 



  • Act. Per:  Accounting Period

  • Cust. No:  Customer Number. 

  • Inv. Amt:  Invoice Amount is the total amount of the invoice. This amount will appear the same for all rows associated with the same invoice number.

  • Invoice No:  Invoice Number

  • Invoice:  Select the link in this column to view the uploaded invoice from the vendor

  • Method:  The payment method is either by Check, ACH (direct deposit), or Credit Card.

  • Split Amt:  The Split Amount is the portion of the total Invoice Amount that applies to a single COA. A single invoice amount can be divided into multiple Split Amounts.