This guide includes the following topics:


  • Overview
  • Prior Notifications
  • Snapshot Report
  • Message Inbox
  • Recently Used Reports


The Dashboard is the initial page that you will see upon logging into your Inn-Flow account. 



Prior Notifications


Inn-Flow releases monthly enhancements, as well as reminders and other notifications. Once the dashboard notification has been removed, you are able to find this information by clicking on the Prior Notifications button. Past Release Notes and Enhancements can be found by navigating to Help > User Guide > Release Notes. 


Snapshot Report


On the Dashboard, there is a button that reads Show Snapshot Report. Selecting this button will show a snapshot of each property’s most recent Daily Activity data, including MTD Revenue and YTD Revenue with comparison to last year. TripAdvisor information also shows here. For further instructions on how to link your TripAdvisor with Inn-Flow, please see the User Guide for TripAdvisor.


Message Inbox


The Dashboard is the central location for users to send and receive messages with their team members. There are multiple areas throughout Inn-Flow where messages and notifications can be created, and these will show here on the Dashboard. 


To create a new message, click the + Message button and enter the user or role permission you wish to send the message to.  


Recently Used Reports


The reports that you use most often will display in this list, giving you quick and easy access to the data that you would like to view.